Thursday, April 20, 2017

NEVER Give Up!

Children are bold and will ask for anything.  Oftentimes, parents say no, and for good reason.  They have expensive taste and often their requests require a lot of time.  Yet, day after day, if they continue to ask for the same thing, the parents will do all they can to make it happen, regardless of the cost, just to have some peace. 

In Luke 18, Jesus told a parable of a widow who asked a judge for justice from an adversary. Whether he created a spiritual, physical, emotional or monetary problem, we don’t know.  We only know the widow needed justice. 

The judge, who consistently said no to her request, eventually gave in to the widow because she kept bothering him and he didn’t want to get worn out. (Verse 5)

Jesus says in Verse 6, “….And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?  Will he keep putting them off?  I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.” 

At times, I have prayed over and over again about specific things, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like God is listening or granting justice quickly at all.  It feels like I’m the one getting worn out. 

In praying about the situation this morning, Here are some things I feel are important to focus on while waiting for the answer:

1.              Praise God regardless of your circumstances.   If there is a delay, there must be a reason.   You may need to grow in a certain area first or circumstances may need to be lined up for the answer to occur.  Just because the answer has not come yet does not mean He's not working on it.  

2.              Make sure the things you are asking God for are in line with His Word and His will for you.   I’ve always told God if I ask for things that are not good for me, please don’t give them to me, regardless of what I pray.   God created me and knows how to satisfy my soul.  I want the real deal -- no counterfeit.

3.              Examine your heart.  Ask God to reveal anything that you need to let go of (sin, anxiety, unbelief, fear) that might hinder Him from answering your prayers.  If things come to mind, let them go.   On paper helps solidify that you have released them. 

4.              Journal things God shows you about the situation.  If God shows you a scripture, pray it daily.  Praying the Word of God is powerful and effective.

5.              Control your thoughts and Words.   I’m not saying we can’t be real with each other.  You can say you are struggling, but you can also add that you know God will complete the work He has begun and you are expecting a breakthrough any day now.  Words of faith will build you up and cause you to be stronger spiritually. 

6.              Don’t give up.  As tempting as it is to quit believing and stop praying, continue day-by-day.   

This morning, I was reading in 2 Kings 8, about another widow and her son.  They had been warned of a famine by Elisha and told to go away for seven years during this season.  When the famine was over, the widow returned home and went to the king to beg for her house and land back. 

At the exact time she returned, Elisha’s assistant was meeting with the king and was telling a story about how God had raised this widow’s son back to life a number of years ago.  At the end of the story, he said, “This is the woman, and this is her son.”  (Verse 5)

The king questioned the woman and then assigned a caseworker to her so she would receive everything back that belonged to her, including any income that had come from her land while she was away. 

In all my plans, I don't think I could have set the stage any better for restoration.  God was lining up the circumstances for the widow and her son to receive what she needed.  The NIV Study Bible calls the timing a "providential coincidence."

For me, I choose to believe if I continue to come to the Lord, our King, expecting answers to my prayers, he will set up “providential coincidences” in my life too.    

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