Sunday, April 24, 2016

Who Gets My Time, Lord?

God created us to have relationships with others, and I am thankful for the church He has placed us in so we can connect with each other.  The problem is there are so many I want to spend time with—the new people and those I already have a connection with.  It becomes mind-boggling at times to know how to divide my time.

Jesus must have felt overwhelmed at times too.  Once, when the disciples had been out ministering two-by-two, they came back to report to Jesus all the things that happened on their mission.    

Jesus felt the time was right to pull away and rest in a remote place.   I’m sure he was looking forward to spending some intimate time with His disciples, hearing their stories, and just loving, serving and instructing them.   They had also just received news of John the Baptist’s death, so I’m sure they were also grieving. 

It’s probably a good thing they had the boat ride to this secluded area because that’s all the rest they got.  Word spread and a crowd gathered even before the boat arrived.  

Instead of being upset these people were at their vacation spot, Mark 6:34 says that Jesus was “moved with compassion for them because they were like sheep not having a shepherd.”  So instead of just being with the disciples, Jesus taught the crowds. 

I remember when our church was smaller.  The settings were intimate, and we all knew each other.  It was nice, comfortable, and easy.  We are a lot bigger now because we are ministering to the hurting, loving the broken, and helping those who are like sheep without a shepherd.     

There are times I feel challenged.  I want to know everyone and hear their stories. I’ve been asking myself all week what the answer is to this good dilemma we face.  How can we with our limited time get to know all these people and help them get connected and discipled?   
I’ve been reflecting on what Jesus did on a daily basis.  John 5:19 says He did what He saw the Father doing.   Even Jesus couldn’t reach everyone in the crowd.  I’m sure even with His disciples, it wasn’t possible to get to know everyone.   However, daily God knew who needed a touch or a word of encouragement. 

Today, I’m asking God to show me who I need to reach out to with a word of encouragement or prayer.  He alone knows what my focus should be.  If we all just do what we each are assigned daily, I believe we will reach not only our community but the world as well.

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