Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to Keep Well This Winter

Winter is in full swing around here.  Everywhere I go, there are sick people.  You can’t help but encounter germs.  There are a few things we can do to help strengthen our immune systems and stay well.  

I’m sure you’ve heard what I’m about to tell you, as these things are pretty common sense, but, it’s good to be reminded occasionally.

I think the reason this is so much on my mind is I watched a friend who is generally healthy go through some bad cold and sinus issues recently.  She is usually able to escape sickness with her health regimen.  She told me “I did this to myself.  I know better than to treat my body the way I did.” 

Here are some important things to help you stay well this season:

* Drink lots of water.  Keeping hydrated is a big key for the body to be able to function properly.  You should drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.  

* Eat properly.   Maximize on protein, veggies and fruits.  Have a few carbs on the side (choose wisely).  Whole Grain is always best.  Remember caffeine and sugar are not food groups.  They are chemicals, and they suppress the immune system.  A little may be fine, but don’t let them monopolize your diet.

* Minimize stress.  When the body is stressed, nothing works properly.  Picture your hand in a fist.  Nothing you try to grasp will get in it as long as it’s tightened up.   To absorb the nutrition from the foods we eat, we must loosen up the stress.  

* Exercise.  A brisk walk can do wonders to refresh you and strengthen your immune system.  

* Pray, read the Bible and Journal.  Spending time with God daily will put your mind at ease and give you peace and direction.  

* Sleep.  Eight hours is a good number, but listen to your body and give it what is needed.  If you have to stay up late, take a nap, if possible.  Lack of sleep weakens the immune system and affects your mood.  

* Take vitamins and supplements. A good multivitamin can do wonders for your body.  Vitamin C, Zinc and B complex vitamins help build the immune system too.  Some brands are better than others.  If you want suggestions, just contact me.  

* Use essential oils.  Use essential oils daily as a preventative and when you feel that little scratchy throat coming on.  It really helps.  I’ve tried it many times with great results.

* Wash those hands.  This one is a no brainer, but everywhere you go there is bacteria and viruses.  Here’s a few of the easiest places to pick up germs:  grocery carts, restaurant menus, cell phones, money, ladies’ purses (from sitting in crazy places).  I’m sure you could add your own list.  

When we encounter germs, they get into our body through breathing them in or by touching something that is germy and then touching our mouth, eyes, etc.  If we can arrest it before it becomes systemic, we have won the battle.  Using essential oils can support the body in this way and so can saline sprays or sinus irrigation, as it flushes out the germs. 

God has blessed us with an awesome immune system.  We sometimes weaken it by our actions.  If your world is anything like mine, you won’t be able to live all my suggestions perfectly.  I just try to stay mindful of these things, and do the best I can.      

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