Thursday, October 23, 2014


I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from writing because I have been tied up with my family in NC.

My step-dad went to be with the Lord on October 10th after a long struggle with his health.   My mom and he would have been married eight years November 11th. 

What a blessing Bill was to my mom’s life!  He enriched it so much before his stroke three years ago.    We reminisced while I was there about all the good times they had together.   

Bill not only blessed my mom’s life, many years ago he took an early retirement so he could help with his grandchildren.  They are grown now but I believe they are who they are today because of their granddad.

The celebration of Bill’s life really challenged me to be a better person.  It made me realize what life is really about.  It’s not about what we own but about how many lives we touch.  

Lord, make me a blessing every day to those you bring my way.  Help me encourage and strengthen everyone in my life -- family, friends and strangers.  

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