Thursday, September 4, 2014

Answered Prayer

This past summer I have traveled a little more than usual.  It’s been nice to get away but I always love returning home.

Last week at this time I was in Utah for a mountain retreat for my business.  It was beautiful there, much cooler than Arizona, and a very enjoyable trip.

My friend, Sunny, and I rented a car and drove two and a half hours up the mountain.  It was a beautiful drive. 

Early on Thursday morning we left to take an early afternoon flight.  The fog was intense and hard to see in front of us.  We just endured it for a while, driving carefully.  Then it dawned on me although we prayed for a safe trip, we had not specifically prayed for the fog to lift.  Aloud I asked God to lift the fog so we could see.  Immediately it lifted and the sun came out.  It never returned.

I love when God answers prayers immediately.   However, there are times when praying for days, weeks, months or even years are necessary.  God is not on our time table, but has a divine plan that is much better than our own.

It is these long seasons in between answered pray that keep me on my knees and seeking Him for the answer.  It’s in tough times when waiting for the answer that I see spiritual growth in me. 

Would I like to have an answer to prayer immediately every time?  Yes, but it’s just not possible.  Sometimes God has to line up circumstances or work on other people’s hearts. 

I waited for a year and a half for my marriage to be restored many years ago.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  It was the best and worst time of my life all in one.  I learned of the faithfulness of God.  I thought I knew Him before, but this season gave me the opportunity to get to know Him more intimately.  Even though the big answer took a while, there were lots of little prayers He did answer along the way. 

Whether God has answered your prayer immediately or after a while, one thing is for certain, He has our best in mind and His ways and timing are always best.

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