Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life is Short

James 4:14
Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

This week it has really hit home how life can change at a moment’s notice.  My friend’s dad went to be with the Lord suddenly three days ago. 

Her parents were married for 50 years, a great example to all who observed their relationship.  They were best friends.  Her mom has no regrets about what she didn’t say or what she should have done.   

I know my friend’s dad is in heaven rejoicing, but those of us here have to adjust to not having him around.  He had such a gentle spirit and was kind to all around. 

In contemplating life and all it holds, this incident has made me want to live every day to the full, to have no regrets, to communicate with those I love and to let them know how I feel. 

Join with me this week in remembering that life is just a mere mist.  Don’t take for granted your loved ones and friends.  Treat each other with the utmost respect and love and share your heart with them. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

For a week and a half, I have been visiting NC.  As much as I love traveling, there is no place like home.

My home used to be in NC, and I have so many memories and family there.  I love to visit and definitely miss my family when I’m in AZ, but I know where I’m supposed to be, and that makes all the difference in the world. 

I thought I would be in NC forever.  However, God had other plans.  I was shocked when He first mentioned it to us.   It was my husband at first that felt an urge to start looking at houses and jobs in the Phoenix area, and shortly after we were asked by one of our pastors to join a church planting team in AZ.  What seemed like a coincidence was really God preparing us for our future. 

I was so hesitant to give up the good life we had in NC that I asked God to make it plain and give us at least three confirmations.  He exceeded my request in such a way that I knew beyond any doubt that we were AZ bound.  

Looking back those 15 years, I am confident we made the right decision.  Everything has not been a bed of roses.  There's been great days, but we have had trials too.  One thing that has remained constant is a sense of peace that we are in the right place. 

AZ has been a place I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I made up my mind prior to moving I would love it because it was the place we were “called” to.  Our lives have been enriched because we obeyed the call.

I would love to stay in  AZ forever.   However, I’m hesitant to have that mindset again.  I know God’s plans and purposes for our lives are far better than we could ever put together for ourselves. 

We do make plans, but we submit them to God, letting Him have the final word. 

If you are struggling at all with trusting God’s guidance for your life, don’t.  He can be trusted.

You will never go wrong if you listen to His still small voice and take one step at a time towards His plan for you.   

Friday, August 1, 2014

God's Perfect Time Table

One thing I have learned about God’s timing is it’s not the same as mine.  I want things done a little early for my own comfort and assurance.  God doesn’t seem to be on my timetable though. 

There are promises I received from Him many years ago, and I’m still waiting on some of them to manifest themselves. 

God’s timing is perfect.  He knows the exact time when we are ready for His answers to our prayers.  He has not forgotten us.  He will complete the work He has begun – in His own time and in His own way!

Today I was reading 1 Samuel 13 about King Saul when the Philistines assembled against the Israelites.   Samuel told Saul to wait in Gilgal for him to arrive so he could offer sacrifices and give Saul instruction before going into battle. 

Samuel’s set time was seven days.  It came.  It went.  I don’t know what the hold up was.  Maybe it was just a test to see what Saul would do.   As a result, Saul took matters into his own hands and offered the burnt offering himself.  When he was done, Samuel arrived.    

If Saul had just waited a little longer, he would have been smack dab in the center of God’s will.  It’s so easy to take matters in our own hands and receive results that are far from God’s desire for us.

Jerry and I were separated many years ago, and God told me to wait for Him to restore our marriage.  After trying everything I could think of myself to help God out, I finally let go and decided to do things God’s way. 

We were separated for a year and a half, and at one point I was just ready for it to be over or to move on with my life.  It was taking our youngest son to the duck pond that got me back on track. 

Nate and I fed the ducks pretty regularly.   They were always excited to see us, knowing they would receive a treat.  They were on the other side of the pond and refused to come, which was unusual. 

After quite a while, I told Nate the ducks were not coming today and we needed to go home.  He was insistent they were coming.   After calling the ducks many times with no movement, I picked Nate up and turned half way around to leave.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the ducks coming towards us.  The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “You can turn and walk away one minute too soon and miss everything I have for you.”  I knew he was not talking about ducks. 

Today, if you are tired of waiting, please don’t turn away too soon.  God will complete the work He has begun.  It will not be done in your timing and probably not in your way, but God will fulfill every promise He has given you.