Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life with a Purpose

Last year at this time, I was in the hospital.   On May 20, 2013, I was busy all day and evening.  I felt fine.  However, when I finally sat down, I coughed once and up came a lot of blood.  My whole life flashed before my eyes.  I didn’t know what was happening.  The blood continued to flow, so we prayed and headed to the emergency room.

While we were waiting for test results, all types of things ran through my mind.  They were looking for some pretty serious stuff.   

The doctor discovered I had pneumonia.  What a shock that was.  I had no symptoms other than the one I mentioned above.   Believe me, I was thankful to have something treatable. 

This year as I reflect back, I’m thankful for life.  God is not finished with me yet and He’s not finished with you either if you are still breathing. 

I mentioned last week the Women’s Conference I attended recently.  Marilyn Skinner, our speaker, challenged us to become women of purpose. 

God did not put us here on earth to just enjoy life.  It is through finding our purpose and walking in it, we will be fulfilled.      

God’s purposes aren't always positions of leadership.  It may be something as simple as praying for others.  It can be calling that person who comes to your mind often.  Could God be trying to use you to encourage them?   

 What are you passionate about?  Is there something God has been nudging you to do?   

If all of us yielded to God and accomplished His purposes, it might not always be convenient, but our world would be a different place. 

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