Monday, July 29, 2013

Are You On God's Path or Your Own?

Today I was running errands.  Shortly after entering the freeway, a Highway Patrol car with lights flashing sped across the road.  At first, I thought the patrolman was chasing someone, but he then started zig-zagging across the freeway in a pattern, making it apparent he was trying to clear the road for some unknown reason. 

I finally realized what he was doing and took the next exit.  While I was on the ramp, I could see ahead that the traffic was backed up.  Because of the warning of the highway patrolman, I was able to avoid the unnecessary wait. 

It reminded me of the story of Balaam.  I won’t go into all the details here, but you can read them in Numbers 22.    

In summary, Balaam was on a pathway God was not pleased with.  As a result, an angel of the Lord stood on the roadway to block him from moving forward.  The donkey Balaam was riding could see the angel and would not budge.  Balaam beat the donkey three times for not moving.  Then the donkey spoke to Balaam and his eyes were open to see the angel of the Lord in front of him. 

Sometimes road blocks are for our protection, and we need to heed their warning instead of getting angry at our circumstances.  Sometimes, God just wants to steer us down a different path.  Today, my destination did not change, but the road I took did.  I was able to save a little time by heeding the warning. 

In life, there are many pathways open to us.  As we move forward, we must discern which way to go.   We can avoid a lot of heartache and unnecessary trials if we listen to the voice of the Lord, moving forward as He leads.

I recognize Satan blocks our paths at times too.  We will talk about that at a later date and how to know the difference.  

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