Friday, July 22, 2011

Unfulfilled Expectations

Today I want to reprint an article from The Word of Life Study Bible" by Nelson Publishers.  It is a commentary about Judges 1:27-36.  The Israelites were in the Promised Land but they failed to do what God requested:  remove the inhabitants there.

"The Israelites departed from Egypt with high hopes.  They were setting out on a journey that would soon bring them into a land 'flowing with milk and honey' (Ex. 13:3-5).  Their first exposure to Cannan went badly (Num. 13-14).  But a new generation under Joshua finally crossed the Jordan to possess Canaan (Josh. 1:11).  

Yet by the end of Joshua's life, major portions of the Promised Land remained unconquered, and many of the Canaanite and Amorite inhabitants whom Israel was supposed to displace remained in the cities (Judg. 1:27-36).  This failure meant that Israel would go through several generations of civil, political, and spiritual unrest (2:11-23).

It was not until God finally raised up David as a unifying king that the extent of Israel's borders would begin to match the expectations originally laid out by God (Num. 34:1-12)."

God wanted to give the Israelites so much, but he was limited because they refused to obey his instruction.  Today, I'm asking God if there are things He has told me to do that I am ignoring.  I definitely want all He has for me--nothing more and nothing less.

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