Thursday, October 29, 2009


Romans 12:13: …Practice hospitality.

October is one of the months I put hospitality into practice the most. Maybe it’s because we live in Arizona and the weather is perfect in the fall – at least most of the time. Our home becomes a revolving door with those we love.

Since we moved here from across the country, it’s nice to have our friends and family come anytime! Before they arrive, I contact them and let them know how excited we are about their visit and find out if there are things they don't or can't eat. I ask about their favorite foods and snacks. How embarrassing it would be to have meals prepared and discover the guests are allergic! I also try to have some things made up ahead of time that freeze well.

I'll admit, I do like to have my house clean and organized with little special touches like a basket in the bathroom with things they might have forgotten and sometimes a bouquet of flowers in the guest room. However, once they are here, I want them to feel like they are in their own home. The thought of keeping things perfect goes out the window and a more relaxed approach is adopted.

I show them where things are like drinks, snacks, etc. and let them get things themselves. There are times I go places with my guests but there are times they go out alone. I have a collection of brochures and magazines highlighting what to do in this area in a basket in the guest room. I have a friend who once told me she also made a basket of brochures, some bottled water and other things the friends might need for a day trip and had it waiting on their bed.

With each set of guests, I learn new things I can put into practice for my future company. I would love to hear about some of the things you also do to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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