Monday, June 8, 2009

Waiting For Storms to Pass

Psalm 37:34: Wait for the Lord and keep His way. He will exalt you to inherit the land.

Our trip to Colorado ended with a bang. We left for the airport in plenty of time because we preferred not to be stressed while waiting in long lines. As soon as we arrived at the car rental facility, it started raining. By the time the bus dropped us off at the terminal, it was raining so hard, the roof sounded as if it would cave in.

While waiting in the security line, we watched funnel clouds form in the distance through large glass windows. We were glad to be inside the terminal where we were safe.

The weather delayed our flight a couple of hours -- not exactly what we had hoped for. We were really ready to get back home. While we were watching for the plane, time seemed to drag on. However, once we got settled in and found things to occupy our time, the wait seemed shorter.

Once we got on the plane, we were seated with a pastor from the Denver area. It was definitely a divine appointment. As we swapped stories of God's faithfulness and the miracles He has performed in our lives, time seemed to fly. After we had been talking for quite a while, we realized we were still on the ground and had not even noticed. The flight seemed to land in Phoenix in record time -- although in actuality it took longer than normal.

The last few days, the words of the song by John Waller, "While I'm Waiting," have been going through my mind. Part of it says, "I will move ahead, bold and confident, taking every step in obedience while I'm waiting. I will serve you while I'm waiting. I will worship you while I'm waiting. I will not faint. I will be running the race even while I wait."

All of us seem to be waiting on God for something. What are you doing while you are waiting for God to answer your prayers? God has an appointed time for your answer to arrive. Like yesterday's flight, I'm learning I can't shorten the wait, but I can sure enjoy the journey more if I find things to do (like serving and worshipping God) while I'm waiting!

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