Friday, April 3, 2009

Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 4:23 (God's Word Translation)
Guard your heart more than anything else because the source of your life flows from it.

Since Proverbs 4:23 indicates I'm the one who must guard my heart, I need to take it seriously. No one else will do it for me. I'm the one who chooses what I allow to enter into me.

I can't change my circumstances or what other people do or say, but I can choose my reaction. If I just ignore things that offend me, I discover later they really did affect me negatively. Instead I try to make it a practice of verbalizing to God either through journal or prayer how I feel and then choose to forgive.

When I visited Ireland a few years ago for a missions trip, we were told not to drink the water in that building because the pipes were contaminated. In the same way, if I allow unforgiveness to dwell in my heart, what flows out will pollute others. Instead I want my pipes clean so God can flow through me to refresh those I come in contact with.

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  1. An interesting view of Proverbs 4:23. I have always looked at that scripture as “guarding my heart” b/c I so easily give my heart – I become emotionally involved with my patients & I am like a mother bear protecting them or I accept my family members’ spouses or boyfriend/girlfriend as my own family then they dissolve the relationship . . . you get the picture. However, the comparison of contaminated water pipes reminds me of when Scott started working long hours at the same time I was reading one of Dr. Laura’s books. I was soooo angry with him for not coming home earlier & I felt abandoned. Then one of the exercises instructed me to list 10 things I appreciated about my husband. By the time I got to number 10, I no longer felt angry & deserted but BLESSED.