Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Leanness Wanted!

Psalm 106:15: And He (God) gave them (the Israelites) their request, but sent leanness into their soul.

When my son, Erik, was really young, people would ask him what he wanted for Christmas. His response was, "All the toys at K-Mart."

Isn't that just like us sometimes with God? We want it all! However, even though some things are good, they are not always beneficial for us. I know we should pray for specific things to get specific answers,however, I have told God to never give me anything that would bring leanness to my soul.

When I was pregnant with Erik, I wanted a girl. In retrospect, I'm so glad he was a boy. A few years later, his brother, Kevin, joined him, and five years later Nate was born. I'm so thankful God blessed us with all boys. He knew exactly what Jerry and I needed.

Their growing years were great but sometimes challenging. When the kids were all young, my mom told me once that my entire life I never had a reason to raise my voice, so God gave me three boys to help "round out my personality."

Just like shaking a soda and watching it explode over the top, I never knew what was inside of me until they shook me up a few times. Instead of screaming and losing control, I had to learn to be patient and calm. They taught me consistency and firmness. I also learned how to pray because of them.

We were supposed to be raising them, but on the flip-side, they raised us. God used them to build character in us and teach us many life lessons. For that, I am grateful.

They have become awesome young men of God. Five years ago I got my first girl, my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lauren. Before we knew her, we prayed for her. She's the perfect mate for Erik, and brings much needed balance to our family.

Yes, God does know exactly what I needed then and He still does! I want His way more than ever now!

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  1. Thanks for that encouraging word! I am definitely in the midst of having to learn to be patient in calm. :0)