Monday, April 13, 2009

Multiangular Memories

Romans 12:2: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

When the kids were small,we spent Easter at my parent's home. Having the table set and the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen produced an atmosphere of warmth.

Besides the annual bunny cake, my parents made it a tradition to hide Easter eggs in the backyard for the grandkids. My boys loved going out with their cousins finding those goodies. Eating the candy was not half as much fun as the hunt itself.

I'll never forget the year my dad thought it was a good idea to put a ten dollar bill in one of the eggs. Two of my boys headed for this loaded egg, so they each thought they deserved the $10 prize! Due to the arguing that followed, that was the first and last year we had "green" Easter eggs.

Even though that particular scene was stressful at the time, now I can laugh about what happened. Today one of my sons and I were reminiscing about this episode, and he remembered things I didn't. I'm sure if the rest of the family were here, we'd each have a different viewpoint.

It's kind of like watching replays in a football game. The footage shows every possible angle, and they are all accurate. Seeing the play with all the points of view is what decides how the game moves forward.

Mixed with the good memories in life, we all experience tough times. However, looking at every angle (what we can learn, do differently, etc.) will give us a new perspective on how to continue this game called life.


  1. Perspective is EVERYTHING! Last week I was stressed about packing and 12-hour shifts at the hospital and separation from my husband and not hearing from my son or my parents. Instead, GOD has been so faithful and blessed me with HIS Easter treats! This weekend my husband took me to work so we could spend more time together. I celebrated my on personal sunrise services. My assigned patient's were on the east side of the building on the 7th floor and the sunrise was GLORIOUS! This morning I talked with my parents. My friend Amanda spent the afternoon with me. My husband came home early. My son called from Turkey and is on the way back to the USA(!!!).

  2. I love all your stories that you incorporate into your message!